Policies, Resources and Toolkits

Here you’ll find downloadable resources to assist in the effective management of your organisation

Explanation about adapting and adopting model policies and procedures

The policies and procedures on our website are flexible and are useful for all types of organisations regardless of size or whether an organisation has paid staff or volunteers. Naturally HR policies and procedures in most cases will directly be related to organisations that have paid staff. If your organisation is small or a volunteer led organisation without paid staff then please adapt and adopt any of the relevant policies and procedures to suit your organisational needs. The policies and procedures on our website are templates to be adapted and adopted depending on the type of organisation, thus they shouldn’t just be taken from the website and used in the template format, you will need to read through them and make the appropriate changes, so for example, if there are no staff in your organisation then the references will be about committee members and volunteers. It is important that you put in place policies and procedure that are appropriate for your organisation. If you require any help and advice with adapting or adopting any of the policies and procedures templates on our website, then please contact us on 020 7832 5826 or send an e-mail to

We have model policies for everything from charity constitutions to staffing, safeguarding, business planning, financial management, fundraising, voluntary organisation committees, and much more. We also have fact sheets on a variety of topics.

To download a document simply click on the relevant link (opens a new window).

General policies and useful information

Community buildings See our BuildingAssets social enterprise web site and the resources produced by our former project

Complaints policy

Confidentiality policy

Conflict of interest policy

Data Protection

Environmental Policy

Equality Policy

Financial management and controls policy

Financial requirements for successful fundraising- slides from a workshop by Accountability

Guidance related to dealing with domestic violence

Health and safety policy

Legal structures at a glance

Lone Working Policy

Recruitment- using the Disclosing and Barring Service

Safeguarding children and young people  NSPCC Model policy and guidance

Safeguarding Adults – Guidance on developing a Policy

Safeguarding Adults – Vulnerable Adults Policy Template

Safeguarding Adults – Guidance for practitioners

Safeguarding Adults – Where to report abuse or neglect

Safeguarding Adults – LBI offers training to organisations that have a contract or received grant-funding for further information contact the Safeguarding Team on

Safeguarding Adults – “Help us to stop adult abuse” (LBI leaflet)

Setting up a charity: guidance and model governing documents

Small charity model constitution

Staff development and training

Terms and conditions of employment template (linked to NJC scales)

Trustee code of conduct

Trustees -Charity Commission Guide to what you need to know

Volunteer policy. Please also refer to the model documents on our Volunteering pages.

Whistle blowing policy

Business Planning

Voluntary Action Islington’s  Strategic Business Plan may be useful to you as you develop your organisation’s future plans. This template for a voluntary sector business plan and business plan framework may also be helpful.

Financial Management

Our Financial management and controls policy and Financial requirements for successful fundraising- slides from a workshop by Accountability have been produced to help your organisation manage its finances effectively We have also produced the following documents and templates to help you manage finances:

Independent examinations – including a list of local independent examination service providers

Audit or independent examination– a paper produced by our auditors, Goldwins, to help you make a decision about whether to use audit or independent examination. From March 2015 if your income is greater than £500,000 but less than £1m you have the option to consider and independent examination instead of a full audit.

Model cash flow template

Model cash book and petty cash book

Model payment request form


Fundraising information

Fundraising guidance: Planning a funding proposal

Fundraising guidance: Application technique

Fundraising guidance: What all funders want to know

Project proposal template

Fundraising guidance: Writing a fundraising strategy

Fundraising guidance: Steps to success and why applications fail

Fundraising guidance: Gift Aid

Fundraising guidance: Glossary of terms

Voluntary Organisation Committees – membership and roles

Brief introduction to voluntary organisation committees

Chair model role description

Secretary model role description

Treasurer model role description