Islington Compact

Our vision is one where the council, other statutory agencies and the third sector work together more effectively to improve the quality of life for local people

The Islington Compact is an agreement setting out how local statutory sector bodies and civil society will work together as partners to address the challenges facing the borough and improve the lives of everyone in Islington.

The Compact looks to the future and the opportunities to deliver the priorities in Islington’s Sustainable Community Strategy. These include

  • Improving people’s employment prospects and the prosperity of the area.
  • Improving educational attainment and learning.
  • Tackling health inequalities and improving health.
  • Improving safety and people’s feelings of safety.
  • Improving the quality of the environment and tackling climate change.
  • Improving the quality of housing.
  • Building stronger, sustainable communities.

We are committed to creating a community in which everyone has access to excellent services and is able to fulfil their potential. Our Compact will enable local organisations to meet the needs of all of Islington’s communities more successfully. Since publication the Compact has been endorsed by the Islington Clinical Commissioning Group.

For information please contact Navinder Kaur