Vaccine FAQs in different languages

Islington Council have prepared translations of Covid-19 vaccine information for use in promotional material in the most common languages spoken in Islington. This includes Arabic, Bengali, Polish, Somali, Spanish, Tigrinya, Turkish and Urdu.  Provided are A5 sized flyers and A3 sized posters. They have also included social media banners so you can customise your messages.

Voluntary Action Islington has now printed flyers for your organisation to give out to your service users.

If you would like to pick leaflet please contact:

Meera Jobanputra
Resource Centre Manager
T 0207 832 5801

If you have any feedback from these translations we would like to hear from you. Email:


Arabic A5 Flyer
Arabic A3 Poster
Arabic Social Media Banner PDF
Arabic Social Media Banner JPEG



Bengali A5 Flyer
Bengali A3 Poster
Bengali Social Media Banner PDF
Bengali Social Media Banner JPEG



English A5 Flyer
English A3 Poster
English Social Media Banner PDF
English Social Media Banner JPEG



Polish A5 Flyer
Polish A3 Poster
Polish Social Media Banner PDF
Polish Social Media Banner JPEG



Somali A5 Flyer
Somali A3 Poster
Somali Social Media Banner PDF
Somali Social Media Banner JPEG



Spanish A5 Flyer
Spanish A3 Poster
Spanish Social Media Banner PDF
Spanish Social Media Banner JPEG



Tigrinya A5 Flyer
Tigrinya A3 Poster
Tigrinya Social Media Banner PDF
Tigrinya Social Media Banner JPEG



Turkish A5 Flyer
Turkish A3 Poster
Turkish Social Media Banner PDF
Turkish Social Media Banner JPEG



Urdu A5 Flyer
Urdu A3 Flyer
Urdu Social Media Banner PDF
Urdu Social Media Banner JPEG

Vaccine information in community languages

NHS doctors, nurses and other frontline staff have come forward to help reassure communities that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and have been independently tested to the highest standards. NHS staff have recorded messages in some of the most commonly spoken languages – apart from English – in the capital to help ensure messages about the importance of getting a COVID-19 vaccine reach all Londoners. The languages the videos have been produced in can be found here.