Islington Community Network

Islington Community Network (ICN) brings together networks in Islington that exist to benefit the local community


At the most recent meeting of ICN the member voted unanimously to reshape the Network.
It was decided to reconstitute as follows:

The existing ICN structure will be replaced by thematic action groups (facilitated by VAI) which will address four big local issues:

– Community Safety
– Health and Well Being
– Inequality
– Poverty

These groups build on the successful VAI Conference in the Summer, where these four issues were discussed in detail. They will collectively identify and prioritise local challenges, formulate collective ways forward, and – if agreed  – seek funding to address these local challenges.
The present ICN is open mainly to voluntary sector forums. These new action groups will be open to all VAI members – if you are not a VAI member, joining is free at More details will be released very soon!
The final ICN meeting will be held on 12th December

Aims of the network

  • Increase awareness of the realities faced by residents in Islington through thematic networks of local organisations
  • Improve mechanisms to promote the voice of Islington’s voluntary and community sector at a strategic level.
  • Increase sustainability of organisations in the sector by facilitating the development of partnerships and collaborative approaches


The ICN is open to networks of people and organisations representing particular parts of the borough or particular issues. To be a member a network must:

  • Be open to relevant organisations in the borough
  • Exist to benefit the community in Islington
  • Have an active network and the ability to communicate with the membership
  • Provide a representative to the Islington Community Network, with a commitment to attendance

Where there are particular aspects of voluntary and community sector activity that are not currently represented by a network, individuals may also be co-opted to the Islington Community Network Committee.


For more information contact Navinder Kaur, Chief Executive Officer:

T 0207 832 5833