Strengthening Volunteering Project




Voluntary Action Islington ran the Strengthening Volunteering project for 3 years, 2015 – 2018. The project was funded by City Bridge Trust. The project has worked with 45 local organisations to develop and improve the induction and management of volunteers and, and also helping to increase the effectiveness of volunteering. The project has provided support and advice on:

  • The development of policies and procedures, including volunteer’s policies and subsistence and travel policies.
  • Training courses on volunteer management.
  • Help with developing a volunteer programme including volunteer recruitment, induction, support and supervision.
  • Support with promoting volunteering opportunities.
  • Advice and support with fundraising for developing volunteering in your organisation.
  • Resources, templates and useful contacts.

Training workshop materials and resources used on the project:

–   Volunteer Roles and Induction information & resources
–   Support and Supervision handouts
–   Support and Supervision slides
–   Volunteer & the Law handouts
–   Who can Volunteer
–   Dealing with difficult situations and volunteers slides
–   Dealing with difficult situations and volunteers handouts
–   Dealing with difficult situations and volunteers activities
–   Reward and Retention in Volunteering slides
–   Reward and Retention in Volunteering aandouts
–   Support for volunteer co-ordinators handouts
–   Sample Induction form
–   Methods of induction
–   Sample Supervision form

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For further information about developing volunteering in your organisation visit our pages on managing volunteers.