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London Living Wage

The Queen has been exposed as paying below the London Living Wage to cleaning staff.

Ward Partnerships and the Local Initiatives Fund
Ward Partnerships are a way for people and organisations in a ward to get involved, meet their councillors, share their knowledge and to help tackle local issues. They will set priorities for wards that will influence council decisions and spending. A senior council officer has been assigned to each partnership to support councillors in addressing local issues. The Local Initiatives Fund has been set up to offer small grants to community projects recommended by local ward councillors.

Ward Partnerships
Local Initiatives Fund

Islington Fairness Commission
Despite its wealthy image, Islington is the fourteenth most deprived local authority area in England, with extremes of rich and poor. The Islington Fairness Commission (IFC) was set up in June 2010 to look into how to make the borough a fairer place. Background to the Commission, its report, and details of progress made, are available on the Islington Council website:
Islington Fairness Commission

ICN facilitated a voluntary sector response:
Islington Community Network and Voluntary Action Islington: Supporting a voluntary sector response to the Fairness Commission

Effective network checklist – how fit for purpose is your network?

A beginners guide to commissioning – A guide for development workers supporting local organisations
An evidence checklist for tendering – Is your organisation ready?
The 8 principles of good commissioning – a guide for public bodies and providers
Islington Council commissioning framework for the voluntary and community sector

Health and Social Care
An important new development is the creation of borough level Health and Wellbeing Boards. These will be the means by which the local authorities will deliver their new duties to improve strategic coordination across local NHS, social care, children’s services, public health and other services that directly relate to health and wellbeing.
VAI Presentation: Health and Wellbeing Board

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)  is an assessment of health inequalities carried out by the NHS in conjunction with the local council. It aims to identify the critical health inequalities existing in the borough and provide a framework for commissioning services. The JSNA addresses health inequalities in a holistic way looking at two areas, ‘health and wellbeing’ and ‘risk factors and wider determinants’.
Islington’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2010/11