Volunteering Support for Peabody Residents

Volunteer Centre Islington is working with Peabody Community Foundation in Islington to help its residents connect with their local community through volunteering.

Get involved today!
1. Register your volunteering profile.
2. Search for volunteering roles.
3. Make the first contact with the organisations.
4. The organisation shall contact you within 5-10 days to have an informal discussion and explain next steps.
5. If you start volunteering, or you need further support to find a volunteering placement, contact us.

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Would you like to have a chat? Do you need further assistance?
Talk to our volunteering team, find out more about our volunteering advice sessions. If you would like to provide feedback / suggestions or our team to attend to a Peabody’s event to promote volunteering, please, email

Peabody Community Grants: lead a project!
– Peabody Housing Associations works in partnership with Islington Giving. If you have an idea for a project that could benefit your community, as a resident, you can apply for the “Make It Happen Fund“.

Peabody: Energy Advice Service
Sign up to get a free home energy advice session.

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