Volunteering support to organisations

Lots of enquiries about volunteering and how to contribute during the covid-19 crisis have been received. Some organisations might have to stop their volunteering activities but there will probably be a lot of organisations that will have a bigger demand from service users and therefore need of additional volunteers.

If your organisation is looking for volunteers that could support your service users and vulnerable Islington residents during the coronavirus crisis go to the Volunteer Centre Islington webpage, follow the instructions and register your opportunities.

If you are aware of potential volunteers willing to help residents in Islington, please signpost them to the Volunteer Centre Islington online portal.

Strengthening Communities Through Volunteering

Get help to support volunteers and local people in the Covid-19 context. Click here to find more information about the project and the remote support sessions.
Please contact for further information.

Staying safe whilst volunteering:
Please share this information with your volunteers


More guidance and resources:

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Please note this is a work in progress – more information and resources will be added very soon!