Together We Can – Improve employment prospects for volunteers

Voluntary Action Islington is running a project that will work with local organisations to improve the future employability of Islington residents through volunteering.

We are currently contacting organisations interested in taking part in the project, which will start in October 2017. We will work with up to 30 local organisations over a one year period.  Voluntary Action Islington will support organisations and groups who would like to help volunteers to join or re-join the workforce.

Organisations taking part in this project will receive financial help with volunteer expenses costs and will be able to link in with iWork and Adult Community Learning to help their volunteers add to their work skills.

You will gain help with:

• Tools for supporting volunteers
• Creating appropriate volunteer roles
• Hosting one or more volunteers to support your organisation
• Guidance on supervising volunteers in preparation for employment
• Developing clear guidance on best practice for managing volunteers
• Access to online materials and resources
• Financial support to cover volunteer expenses

The formal Launch of the project took place on Monday 16th October, however, late starters who would like to join the project are welcome. Please download the enrolment and assessment form for your organisation to complete and return to if you feel your organisation would be able to host a volunteer and would benefit from reviewing and improving your tools for recruiting and supporting volunteers.