Cliff Joseph – Young Islington Development Officer

Cliff is the Young Islington Development Officer at Voluntary Action Islington.

With over 20 years’ experience as a community connector. In this role he is widening the engagement and participation of Islington’s underrepresented small groups and grassroot organisations in the Universal Youth Work Offer and, the Young Islington Locality Networks as part of Fairer Together Islington and, Islington’s “New Youth Offer”. He is working with small groups to boost their representation at Networks and, support them with capacity building.

He is working with small grassroots organisations:
A) With a turnover of less than £500k p.a. and,
B) Working with young people (aged 11-25 years) from the Bangladeshi, Kurdish, Somali and Turkish Communities.

If this sounds like you or, someone you know, give him a call or drop him a line now at:
07354 460 061 or,

Engaging in the Young Islington Networks provides fantastic opportunities including:

  • Information on funding opportunities.
  • Access to space for meetings
  • Free training
  • Access to a wide range of statutory partners
  • Capacity building opportunities and
  • Opportunities to collaborate

Together, we are laying the foundation for small groups:

  • To step into more visible and influential leadership roles within the Young Islington Networks. So, the Networks better reflect the communities they serve
  • Once involved in the Networks Cliff is supporting them to embed a culture of meaningful participation and co-production in the networks and
  • Support the development of an enriched Youth Work Offer that is shaped by their involvement

Voluntary Action Islington Provides advice and support to voluntary and community groups in Islington. They have a range of services to support small and emerging organisations with their developmental needs as well as individuals who want to set up a voluntary group.