Community Change-Makers

Community Change-Makers










As part of the Local Wellbeing Networks project, we’ve recruited 10 Islington community members who are committing to 6-months of training and dedicating themselves to become Community Change-Makers. The participants are split by the 3 localities of Islington, representing the North, Central and South of our borough respectively, with each person bringing their own unique experience and community insight.

Each participant will graduate from accredited courses on Community Organising and Network Building, delivered by professional trainers from Community Organisers and The Social Change Agency. The free course is funded by Islington Council and is part of a collaborative effort in Islington to tackle health inequalities in all localities and empower communities to create positive social change.

Our Change-Makers will learn the fundamentals of community organising, how to actively listen to build relationships, understanding power dynamics in a community and how to access power in order to influence social change. This will be in combination with network building and how to navigate infrastructure, resources and governance when it comes to getting an idea off the ground and successfully leading an organisation or group.

See below for a brief outline of each workshop:

Workshop outline














But who are our Islington Community Heroes and what are they hoping to achieve? Take a look below and find the Community Change-Makers in your area.





Want to meet our Change-Makers and get more involved in your local area? We’re hosting monthly Local Wellbeing Network Meetings out in the community and inviting a broad and diverse group of community members to come and have their say. We’ll be looking at local trends, strengths and gaps and discussing how we as a singular voice can influence real and positive change. See here for more information.