Partnership and sub-contract opportunities for local voluntary and community organisations


Transformation of Islington substance misuse treatment services
Invitation to Network and Engagement Event

Thursday 16th March 2017
The Hub, Islington Town Hall, Upper Street N1 2UD
10:00am – 12:00pm

Local Voluntary and Community Sector organisations are invited to attend an engagement event to discuss the commissioning of Islington’s Substance Misuse Services.

This event is relevant to a broad range of organisations who may not be directly involved in Substance Misuse Services, but may offer other aspects of the service specification. This includes access to community spaces, local knowledge or links to priority groups. For example, groups may be involved in advice work, community centres, health advocacy or children & family services, amongst other areas.

Islington’s Public Health Commissioning Team is interested in innovative approaches to providing substance misuse services.  They want the new commissioned service to be flexible and provide personalised services, with a greater emphasis on community based programmes. In order to achieve this, they are keen for local voluntary and community organisations to be involved in delivering them.

This event is an opportunity for local, community based organisations to explore opportunities to work with larger providers through partnership or sub-contract arrangements, and discuss what they could contribute to potential partnerships.

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