Summit for Small Groups and Grassroot Organisations – Follow up


VAI would like to work more collaboratively with Islington’s diverse voluntary and community sector, especially small groups and grassroot organisations. Our Summit on 12 July 2022 was a start of the work on building and developing a genuine partnership. Through this partnership, we particularly want to amplify your voice and that of the communities that you work closely with.
We want to express huge thanks to all the groups/organisations that were able to attend on the 12th. It was very insightful as we heard about the work that you are all doing; the challenges your organisations and the residents you are working with are facing and how we can work together more effectively.

a) Challenges that your organisation and the residents you are working with are facing and how we can work together more effectively
If you attended and would like to tell us more then please add your comments to the short survey. We have added a couple of questions about how you can stay involved.
We would like to give those of you that could not attend, the opportunity to share your experiences, challenges and thoughts on how we can work together more effectively, and we would be very grateful if you would complete the questions in the survey.
Please return by 5pm, Friday 5th August

b) Funding Toolkit (with video on how to use it) and VAI Funding Booklet
At the Small Groups Summit on Tuesday, 12th July, many of you requested more information on the Funding Toolkit and the Funding booklet.

–    Here is the link to the Islington Funding toolkit, which shows you how to search for all types of grants.
–    Please also find the link to the Funding booklet; the next one is due at the beginning of August.
–    Please also find the link to VAI YouTube video on how to register for the Islington Funding Toolkit and use it, and how to use the funding booklet.

c) Local Wellbeing Network and Young Islington Network

At the Summit many of you asked for the contact details of VAI staff that are directly working on connecting the VCS to each other and to the range of networks bringing the statutory and VCS sector together.

Here are two key contacts:

–    Charlton Brown, Local Wellbeing Networks Co-ordinator –
–    Cliff Joseph, Development Officer (Young Islington) –