July LWN meeting – Pakeman Primary School – 05/07/22


The North locality’s second Local Wellbeing Networks meeting took place today at the wonderful Pakeman Primary School, hosted by network member Marcia Harris. A sincere thank you for welcoming us in and a warm gratitude to all attendees. As usual, here is a write-up of the meeting including the details of all attendees and a brief summary of what was discussed and where the group are going moving forward.

The Local Wellbeing Networks Coordinator, Charlton, welcomed the group and briefly described the contextual background of the project for new members and asked any of June’s attendees to describe their experience. Jessica Bull of Bright Start described a positive energy of community stakeholders and a valuable opportunity to network which has already proven to bear fruit and impact the community. She had linked up with Mike Sanderson of Eagle Recovery Project and after putting him in touch with the Islington Faith Forum, had secured a venue for the continuation of their community events.

After this introduction, the group spent the majority of the meeting going round and introducing themselves, their service and their motivation for this type of community meeting. Particular highlights include Andrea McCaghy’s mention of a community wellbeing pop-up at the Old Fire Station on Thursday 14th July at 11am (details here) and Tsigereda’s description of a network mapping tool where community members can connect and see what services and offers are available in the area. This will be explored in September’s meeting and made available to all members and communities. For the purpose of visibility and connectivity, see below for a list of attendees, their organisation and their contact information:


Adam Hardy, EcoCounts  –

Alex Schmidt, Whittington Park Community

Andrea McCaghy, Holloway Neighbourhood Group  –

Anita de Pan, Islington

Catherine Pymar, Hillside Clubhouse  –

Chris Donovan, Andover Community

Cliff Joseph, Voluntary Action

Ellie Mitchell, Islington

Jessica Bull, Bright Start

Marcia Harris, Pakeman Primary School –

Mike Sanderson, Eagle Recovery

Primrose Christie, Octopus Community

Sheena Gofton, Whittington Health/Bright

Teresa Connolly, Bright

Tsigereda Tekletsadik, Octopus Community


After a short networking break, Charlton summarised the work of the group so far and raised the importance of following two directional paths:
1. Tangible Action (how to translate this energy and commitment into tangible outcomes for North locality residents)
2. The Sustainability of the Network (how to retain members, drive momentum and harness the insight and experience of attendees to keep the project running successfully)

These two points will form the initial underlying basis of the network meetings and will be critical questions for members to ask themselves and answer once the formation and introductions have taken place. That being said, the network meetings will resume in September to allow for an August summer holiday break and will look forward to building on momentum gained thus far.

September’s meeting venue will be released upon confirmation and this post will be updated with details and registration information. If you would like any additional information or support, please contact Local Wellbeing Networks Coordinator, Charlton at