South Locality Community Change-Makers


Meet your South Locality Community Change-Makers! 


Name: Patrick Penny-Annang

Age: 31

Causes: Social Justice, Community Empowerment, Mental Health

Motivation: I lived in Barnsbury Estate for most of my life and still live close to the Estate. I am proud to be born and raised in Barnsbury and love to see the community prosper. In the last year, I moved into a manager role and want to avoid mistakes made in the past and focus on empowering the community to solve their community issues. In addition, help me to achieve a personal goal to encourage the discussion of mental health in men, especially within the black community





Name: Sophie Eels

Age: 29

Causes: Social Entrepreneurship, Inclusivity, Community Organising

Motivation: I would like to use the learnings of this course to help coach and guide local people and members of the start up community, to use their collective power and networks to bring about change and social good to the borough, London and beyond.”








[PHOTO COMING SOON]          Name: Coreana Youngsam
Age: 39
Causes: Gang Violence, Knife Crime, Youth Advocacy
Motivation: [quote]



[PHOTO COMING SOON]          Name: Denise Marshall
Age: 43
Causes: Health & Wellbeing, Community Cohesion
Motivation: [quote]