Central Locality Community Change-Makers


Meet your Central Locality Community Change-Makers! 



Name: Anna Njie

Age: 49

Causes: African Culture, BAME opportunity, Arts

Motivation: I feel that I need the necessary skills to be a better leader and for community engagement development. I am quite shy about meeting new people because of my experience but passionate about supporting the community I serve and work with. However, in order to really serve them better and advocate for their equal opportunities, I need the right skills and feel that this platform is the perfect timing





Name: Ashleigh Jackson

Age: 35

Causes: Knife Crime, Youth Advocacy, Parent Champions

Motivation: Islington is trying to cooperate programmes for young people and workshops, but I think more funding should go into these developments so young people can feel safer and want to make change due to trusting what the community can offer. I’d like to take part to gain more knowledge and understanding around what it takes to be a community change maker so I can give back to my clients and be up to date with learning opportunities for them and myself.





Name: Fateha Hassan

Age: 21

Causes: Youth Advocacy & Employability, Mental Health

Motivation: Having researched the difficulties that young people face in many areas such as employment, mental health and welfare, I find myself in a fortunate position to have the resources to be able to help with making an impact on young people. As a result, I would like to participate in the Community Change-Makers programme to develop my skills and learn towards organising community programmes to create the necessary changes within Islington”





Name: Rona Topaz

Age: 56

Causes: Disability Action & Support, Community Welfare, Arts

Motivation: I currently live and work in the borough and I see a lot of negativity, when in fact Islington Council are one of the most forward thinking and progressive of all London boroughs, constantly seeking methods of improving people’s lives, going against the grain of central government. As an activist by profession, I would like to help facilitate community change for the better”