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Covid-19 in Islington: Headlines

 Covid-19 cases in Islington (8 November – 14 November)

  • There was 1 new death related to Covid-19.
  • There was an increase in weekly incidence rate (new cases) from 183 for 1 November – 7 November to 229 for 8 November – 14 November.
  • The infection rate and number of new cases in Islington has increased compared to the previous week. There is a similar trend across all London boroughs.


Vaccination uptake

  •  First vaccination dose uptake is increasing across all age groups.


Category Number of residents % of population
Aged 12 to 15 2,216 26.1%
Aged 16 and above 156,251 63.9%
Aged 16 to 49 106,282 58.1%
Aged 50 and above 49,969 81.1%
  • Second vaccination dose uptake is increasing across all age groups.
Category Number of residents % of population
Aged 12 to 15 15 0.2%
Aged 16 and above 142,114 58.1%
Aged 16 to 49 94,275 51.5%
Aged 50 and above 47,839 77.6%


We are fast approaching the first anniversary of the launch of the Covid-19 vaccination programme on December 8 and many residents have already received their first, second and a third or booster dose of the vaccine.

As per last week, booster vaccinations remain a key focus. Booster doses will now show on the NHS app, and online bookings for booster doses can be made by everyone over 40’s and 16 to 17 years old who are now eligible. Young people aged 12-17 who have previously tested positive for Covid-19 and who are not in a high risk group should wait 12 weeks after their positive test before getting their first (or second) vaccine dose. Together with local NHS partners, we are continuing to encourage as many of those as possible who are eligible to come forward and get their Covid-19 booster and flu vaccine. Up to 19 November, over 226,000 booster vaccines and over 271,000 flu vaccines have been given to residents across North Central London.

As more sites switch over to delivering the Moderna, we know that many people are less familiar with the Moderna vaccine. The London regional communications team have prepared a toolkit to provide clinicians, operational teams and communications colleagues with messaging that can be used to reassure the public that the Moderna vaccine is safe, effective and appropriate.


Below you can find more detail on national data and latest news and guidance updates.

 London and national update

As of 21 November 2021:

  • The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in London is 1,252,850.
  • 346,449,096 tests have been processed in the UK, which may include multiple tests per person.
  • Of those who have been tested in the UK, 9,845,492* people have tested positive.

*Data includes both pillar 1 and pillar 2 (community) testing.

  • The number of people in the UK who had a positive test result for Covid-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test – 143,927.
  • Nationally, 50,759,550 vaccines have been given nationally as a first dose and 46,152,913 as second dose. 15,064,693 vaccines have been given as a booster or third dose.
  • As of 19 November, the latest R number range for the UK is 0.8 – 1.0. The latest growth rate range for the UK is between -2% and 0% meaning that the number of new infections could be broadly flat or shrinking by up to 2% every day. London’s R number is 0.9 – 1.1.


  • Public Health England has published the latest National Covid-19 surveillance report:
    • Overall case rates increased in week 45. Both Pillar 1 and 2 positivity remained stable compared to the previous week.
    • Confirmed hospitalisations remained stable and deaths decreased in week 45. Case rates increased in most regions and in some ethnic groups, remaining stable or decreasing in others. Case rates increased in most age groups, but decreased in those aged over 60.
    • Vaccine coverage was 67.2% for dose 1 and 61.3% for dose 2 at the end of week 45, reaching over 90% in all cohorts over the age of 65 years and over 80% in all cohorts over 50 years.
  • The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published the latest provisional data on deaths tomorrow in England and Wales up to the week ending 12 November today.
  •  Experimental statistics for weeks 76 (4 November – 10 November) of NHS test and trace contact tracing in England have been published.


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