Women and Leadership Conference 2018









Inspiring leadership and developing talent in Islington’s Voluntary and Community Sector
22nd October, 10-2pm. Macquarie Group, 28 Ropemaker St, EC2Y 9HD


Although women make up 70% of the charity sector workforce, they make up less than half the senior managers and only a third of CEOs. This conference will highlight issues around gender inequality in senior management in the voluntary sector, particularly leadership roles.

The conference will address some of the challenges that women face to progression and leadership. In doing so, we will present some examples of women who have achieved their ambitions against all odds, and look at how employers can better support women in the workplace to achieve their full potential.

We want to start the conversation with Islington’s voluntary and community sector and local stakeholders and drive change at all levels.

There will be opportunity for networking, discussion and the sharing of ideas.

Confirmed speakers:

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