Islington united against racism and Islamophobia


There have been reports that in recent weeks Muslim organisations and members of our communities across the country have received threatening letters. There is mention of a ‘punish a Muslim day’ – to happen on 3rd April.

To reassure our Muslim friends, neighbour, family and colleagues:

• See the letter from the Mayor of Islington about 3rd April: whilst the authorities believe that the letters received to date will result in heightened hate crime, there is a policing plan for the day; continue your daily activities but keep alert.
• See the guidance from Tell Mama for both Muslim people and organisations on being hate crime aware and what to do if it happens.
• There’s also a special leaflet for Muslim children and Young People.
Islington Stand Up To Racism Event – Tuesday 3rd April.

If you haven’t already done so, do sign up to the Islington Hate Crime Pledge.