Online Volunteer Recruitment System Launched





Volunteer Centre Islington has been supporting volunteers, organisations and promoting volunteering opportunities over the years.

We are now making it easier and launched  Volunteer Connect to promote local volunteering roles online. Volunteer Connect is a dedicated volunteering portal available through our website for Volunteers, Organisations and their roles in Islington. The online database allows people to match their skills and interests with volunteering opportunities and for Organisations to find suitable volunteers for their roles.

Organisations are able to register, promote and update their own opportunities and contact details.

Register or login to advertise your volunteer roles

Volunteers can search and apply for volunteering roles straight away.

Search online for volunteering roles

The roles that organisations register with us are advertised on-line, from our website.
Anyone searching online for volunteering in Islington will get directed to our website, which features at the top of search engine ranking and they will be able to search for Islington roles from within our website.

For further info please visit the Volunteer Centre Islington webpages.