Mother Tongue & Supplementary Schools LBI Funding 2017-2018


The above grant for the financial year 2017-2018 is open to application.

All mother tongue and supplementary schools, PTAs, Friends of Schools Associations and other schools community partners, who can demonstrate the following, are eligible to apply:

i. A constitution and management committee to support the organisations aims
ii. A bank account with the name of the organisation, with at least two signatories who need to be on the management board
iii. Appropriate staff, both paid and/or volunteers, to ensure delivery
iv. Appropriate policies and procedures for the following:

• Children Safeguarding
• Health and Safety
• Risk Management
• Equal opportunities
• Discipline
• Evaluating young people’s progress and review of provision
• Financial accountability
• Appropriate policies related to service delivery

v. Acceptable annually audited accounts or statement of accounts.
vi. Previous experience of delivering good quality provision to meet the needs of children and young people.

For more information and an application pack, please contact Abed Moftizadeh on 020 7561 9830 or 07825098168 or send e-mail to

Deadline for submission an application is on Monday 17th April 2017