Volunteering Opportunities at Christmas




1WhiteChapel Mission: Kitchen Assistant
Throughout Christmas, 6am-11am
Help the homeless at the WhiteChapel Mission by preparing and serving meals in the day centre.
Contact the office on 03000 111 400.
More info here.

2. HOST UK: Student Hosts for Christmas
Evening 24th December – 27th December morning/afternoon
Give an international student studying in London a place to stay over Christmas.
More info here.

3. The National Brain Appeal: Event Day Volunteer
Support the fundraising team at events they organise throughout the year, including their Christmas carol concert, dinners, lectures etc.
More info here.

4. Orchid: Christmas Collection Volunteer
Thursday/Friday: 3-4 hour commitment is required
Become a Christmas Collection Volunteer and collect donations at tube stations across London.
More info here.

5. St Mungo`s: Fundraising
14, 16 and 21 December: 2 hour commitment is required
Join the Christmas Bucket Collection and help St Mungo’s raise much needed funds.
Contact Paul on or 020 3856 6230

6. The Salvation Army
Help serving meals to people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day.
More info and volunteer opportunities here.

7. The Jewish Museum: Visitor Services Volunteer
Thursday afternoon + Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoon
Become a volunteer at The Jewish Museum and cover Gallery Invigilation, Admissions, Retail etc.
More info here.

8. Crisis
Volunteer as a driver – drive the pick-up routes, taking guests to day centres etc.
More info here.
Other Christmas volunteer opportunities such as kitchen assistant etc. here.

9. Foodchain: Christmas Hamper Help
7, 8 and 13 December: 2 hour slots from 10am -5pm
Contact: 0207 843 1800
More info here.