Islington supplementary school received NRCSE Bronze Awards


The celebration of supplementary school achievement organised by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) with the Museum of London on Tuesday 7th July was successfully held.

Tom Kasapis from Arachne, Meltem Atma and Seyret from Turkish and Kurdish Children’s Group received their well deserved Bronze Awards at the event.

Their Voluntary Action Islington’s mentor, Maria Gonzalez, shared in the celebrations. VAI has supported Islington supplementary schools to achieve the NRCSE Bronze Award as part of the Children’s Project funded by LB Islington.


Tom Kasapis, Meltem Atma and Seyret received the NRCSE Bronze Awards

Photo 4 7.7.15

Maria Gonzalez, their VAI’s mentor, shared in the celebrations