Scrutiny Review of the Islington Voluntary Sector


Islington Council will be carrying out a  scrutiny review of the health of the voluntary and community sector in the borough during the next few months, with a final report due in March 2012.

The objectives of the review are to:

 “* Establish the facts on VCS organisations in the borough and on LBI funding to them.

* Assess levels of volunteering among the VCS organisations in Islington.

* Assess what the VCS in Islington contributes to Islington’s community, beyond the requirements of service contracts, eg how effectively does the sector engage with and involve local people, employ Islington people as staff or volunteers, and in what ways is it accountable to the local community?

*Recommend ways in which Islington VCS might develop in order to optimise levels of local community involvement, engagement, volunteering and benefit”

 Mike Sherriff, Chief Executive of Voluntary Action Islington said: “At a time of economic downturn with increasing pressure on communities, now more than ever local voluntary and community organisations have a vital role to play.  Locally organisations are under pressure with decreasing financial resources to draw on. It is important that this review is carried out with local organisations and that the views of local volunteers and community organisations are heard during the review.”