The Islington Commissioning Framework


The Islington Commissioning Framework

New document shows how organisations that offer community benefits can compete effectively over the cheapest providers.

Providing benefits to the community is valued by LBI & the NHS in the commissioning cycle. For example you could be more likely to be commissioned than the cheapest provider if you prove you provide the best value. Or your unique insight into local need may mean you can get involved in the commissioning cycle as an excellent representative for service users.

The Islington Commissioning Framework, developed by community organisations, NHS Islington and Islington Council provides commissioners with a straightforward framework for their decisions about grants and procurement, and about decommissioning services. It is well worth a read. The framework is:

  • Only 8 pages
  • Gives a clear explanation of the commissioning cycle.
  • Contains a brief glossary and links to other useful documents.
  • Based on a set of principles that will enable commissioners to make decisions in the interests of the community. For example ‘Providing community benefits beyond the service provided.’

Download the Islington Commissioning Framework by clicking the following links:

Click here to download PDF
Click here to download Word document

The Commissioning Framework was developed as part of the Islington Compact Action Plan. The Compact is agreement that describes how local statutory sector bodies and third sector organisations will work together as partners to promote the social, economic and environmental well being of everyone in Islington.

For more information on the Islington Compact click here