The Cally Community Plan


The Cally is an amazing place. The council has worked with local people, organisations and groups to put together a Cally Community Plan to identify the key things we need to work on together to make it an even better place to live, work and play in.

We are looking for groups of young people – minimum of three Cally young people, under the age of 25 – with a great idea. You might want to go on a trip to a place, you might want to make your estate greener or you might want to run an activity – the choices are endless.


  • You live in the Cally
  • You are under the age of 25
  • There’s a minimum of 3 of you
  • Your idea costs up to £500
  • The idea you’ve got benefits not only yourselves but others in the area

…then we want to hear from you!

If you’re not linked to a youth group already, we can link you to a group nearby. They can help you make sure that your project idea is delivered safely and works for what you want to do.

There’s an application process involving an application form. But you’ll get lots of support with this from local youth groups, who will work alongside you.

How to apply for a grant

Firstly, please read the guidance notes, before completing the application form. With your youth group’s support, please make sure you answer all the questions, as this will make it easier for the assessment panel to decide on which are the best applications to be funded.

Here’s the link to the Guidance Notes Please note the application form can be found at the bottom of these notes.

Any questions?

Please talk to your local established youth group first. If you’re not linked to one yet, then talk to Barry, the Cally Community Development Officer:


Text/call: 0781 708 8256


Please send your completed application by email. Dates and details are in the guidance notes. The closing date is 4 March 2022 at midday.