Help on Your Doorstep Interview

62d1722d-1618-4cfc-b11a-cfbe8ec5de11Help on Your Doorstep is a charity that aims to connect people with the free community services (more than 100 organisations) to help with many issues like employment support, housing issues or domestic violence. They own 6 offices, in order to provide help that is assessable for people in need. This organisation is very helpful, by giving advice and providing guidance for Islington residents. In partnership with local service, they promise to find a solution within three weeks and follow up the case afterwards.

IMG_1682Nicole was the advisor of the organisation, and is now working as the volunteer coordinator since February. She supervises 12 volunteers in 6 offices. The volunteers bring a fresh perspective and their work is essential for the organisation. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they share a common goal – to improve society.

IMG_1678 Annmarie, who has volunteered in the organisation for more than a year, has decided to share her story with us. When she was young, she benefited from the services of Help on Your Doorstep. “I know the work they do are really good. I had some free time, so I decided to dedicate it to a good cause. I’m very grateful for the services they provided, they helped me a lot on my application college. So now, it’s my turn to help people in need!”

IMG_1681As a volunteer, she visits homes and distributes leaflets in the area, in order to find out who is in need and explain the aims of the organisation. “Knocking on doors is very useful for us. A lot of people don’t know about HOYD, even though we run for a long time.” She said. “People who do not need our help are very supportive too! This kind of encouragement motivates me to continue providing help for others.”

IMG_1685Helena, who found this opportunity through her job centre, started volunteering with HOYD three weeks ago. “I’m actually unemployed so I decided to become a volunteer. For me it’s a great feeling to help people!” It is also a good opportunity for her to do something relating to her previous job, in order to gain more experience.