Access to Sports Project Interview

270-230-0-0-tn-course547712538eeaa1417089619         The Access to Sports Project is a community led sports development project that serves people across London boroughs of Islington, Hackney & Haringey. A2S project works with partners from the voluntary, community, public and private sector to provide sports programmes. They organize a range of sports activities for young people, provide assistance for local organizations interested in delivering sports and also provide training, support and volunteer opportunities for local people, who want to be involved in sports coaching.

IMG_1662         Daniel, former volunteer, is responsible for the current group of volunteers. He works with roughly 20 volunteers from different backgrounds, such as ex-offenders. The involvement of volunteers in coaching and admin work is essential for A2S project. As they only have few full time workers, volunteers help the smooth running of the organisation, by providing better service for local people.
Aidan, Andrew, Ed and Jeffrey, high-school students of 18, started doing voluntary work with the organization two years ago. They originally met at school, and bonded over their mutual passion for sports. While they were still in secondary school, they attended sports sessions, held by the organization during the summer months. “I remember being extremely happy during that time.” said Andrew, 18.
Suddenly the adolescent group of four started reminiscing memories from their early childhood, when they were playing football together. It was clear from their enthusiastic expressions, that sports education has a special place in their heart. “Sports are not just a way to pass your time, but also a way to connect and create bonds with other people.” said Ed, 18, who carried on talking about the friendships he made there, and the positive impact they had on his life.  Responsibilities of the young group included visiting schools, informing the crowd about sports education, distributing leaflets and helping with the sports coaching sessions.
IMG_1663         Other ways volunteering has benefited them? “I have gain a lot of valuable skills such as communication and leadership” said Jeffrey. Volunteering served also as an opportunity for them to gain professional sports experience, which could be very beneficial for college applications and their future career prospects. For example, Andrew would like to work professionally in the sports sector so his volunteering work can boost dramatically his CV.
However, volunteering is not just an opportunity to get ahead in life, but also it can  be a very fulfilling experience. “Through working with younger children from the same area as I grew up in, I could effortlessly relate to them and serve as a guide and role model for them.”, Ed.