Islington’s Small Groups and Grassroot Organisations

VAI would like to work more collaboratively with Islington’s diverse voluntary and community sector, especially small groups and grassroot organisations.

In order to do that we are organising a series of summits to start the work on building and developing a genuine partnership. Through this partnership, we particularly want to amplify your voice and that of the communities you work closely with.

Who are the summits for
If you are a small group with a turnover of less than £100k per annum, please come and join us for the start of a discussion on how we can support the sector more effectively during these increasingly challenging times. Larger groups are also welcomed to attend but we are prioritising support for smaller groups.

Aims of the summits
We would like to start the process of having an ongoing dialogue with groups to help you in your journey of supporting the communities that you work with. Our aim is to devise an action plan and implement it within the next 2 years.

More information regarding our latest Summits: