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How to Nurture Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

16/07/2020 @ 16:00 - 17:00

Space4 have partnered with Rosmarie Wilson, a mindset and leadership coach to bring you a series of workshops covering:

1. How to Build Confidence to Help You Thrive in Your Career
2. Moving Beyond ‘Imposter syndrome’ & Self-Doubt
3. How to Nurture Your Emotional Intelligence
4. Developing Your Leadership Skills

3rd workshop is focusing on:

How to Nurture Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

What exactly is Emotional Intelligence & how can you nurture it to support your own success and the success of others?

We are living in a time where it seems easier to be angry than to use our emotions to build quality relationships, improve our communication skills and bring others along with us on the journey be it your team, your colleagues, your spouse or your friends.

Nurturing your EQ will help you to improve how you interact and communicate with others and help you to build strong relationships and foundations for your leadership skills.

Join us for this Webinar on 16th July at 4pm.

We will cover:

✔️The basics of EQ – Key Components
✔️How you can use it to improve your relationships
✔️Choosing emotive reactions
✔️Benefits of nurturing your EQ

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16:00 - 17:00