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A guide to engaging service users while working remotely

08/10/2020 @ 13:00 - 14:00

According to the findings of Twilio’s “Covid-19 engagement report”, long-term digital transformation roadmaps got compressed into days and weeks in order to respond to remote working. A staggering 97% of decision-makers across organisations surveyed believe COVID-19 accelerated their company’s digital transformation efforts.

Charities have been hit hard by coronavirus – more people requiring their invaluable services and a smaller number of available resources have made it difficult for non-profit organisations of all sizes to operate. We’ve had to adapt.

The existence of legacy IT and tech systems in non-profits has made rapid change to a remote work environment more difficult, with the additional time needed to complete operation and back-office tasks and work-from-home has made it harder to manage the work of support specialists.

In this webinar, Michal Filip Kowalik, Senior Manager of (social impact and non-profit arm of Twilio) will be taking you through how you can get a better understanding of your digital infrastructure to create and implement a digital strategy that will improve the working environment for your staff and external communication for your service users.

Christopher Hoffman will discuss how following Covid-19, the NRC have digitally transformed the way they engage with their service users, to speak with and hear from the people in the communities they are trying to help. He’ll also reveal how tech has helped the Emergency Response Section at NRC to communicate important messaging to those most in need.

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13:00 - 14:00