Your Borough Needs You! Islington’s take up of the Covid-19 vaccine


Dear VCS colleagues

As part of the ongoing efforts to encourage residents in Islington to take up the Covid-19 vaccine, several VCS organisations are working together, with funding support from Islington Council and the NHS, on efforts to reach the communities of low vaccinate uptake.

We are in the process of devising leaflets and WhatsApp and other social media messaging, along with translations into the five most spoken languages spoken in the borough, as well as English.

We are inviting the wider VCS in Islington to join us in these efforts to target groups of residents, specifically in the Holloway, Bunhill and Finsbury Park areas.

What your involvement would be comprises:

  • Distributing leaflets – Tube stations, local supermarkets, pharmacies, places of worship, colleges, schools, community cafes, etc.
  • Sending WhatsApp messages to your communities and beneficiaries
  • Sending emails to your communities and beneficiaries.

In order to have oversight of the work taking place. VAI will be managing a rota which will contain details of who is involved along with what they will be doing, which areas are being covered and which communities are being reached. It will also be used to ensure the avoidance of duplication and over messaging.

As such, if you and your staff and volunteers have the time to assist with this undertaking over March and April, please contact Charlton Brown at Voluntary Action Islington at or on 020 7832 5800 and sign up. Reasonable expenses are available for any time and resources incurred as part of this work.

In order to provide you with additional support we have training sessions coming up, and more to be arranged:

Thursday 24 March, 1 – 3pm

Tuesday 19 April, 1 – 3pm

Sign up now, spaces are limited:

In this session you will:

  • Gain an understanding of some of the reasons for vaccine hesitancy
  • Be given communication techniques to help have discussions about the vaccine with your community
  • Find out where to direct people to trusted resources on the Covid-19 vaccine.

We look forward to hearing from you and many thanks for assisting with these efforts to encourage residents to access the vaccine.

Kind regards,

This email has been sent on behalf of Age UK Islington, Healthwatch Islington, Islington Faith Forum, Islington Refugee and Migrant Forum, Manor Gardens, and Octopus Community Network.